GradeBook Portal – Free Online Gradebook

GradeBook Portal is a free online gradebook system that allows parents and students to view attendance records and grades. Teachers can use GradeBook Portal to easily generate progress reports and send other messages to parents and students. GradeBook Portal has an integrated calendar system to which teachers can post assignment due dates for students and parents to see. GradeBook Portal gives teachers the option of using two different grading scales or created a custom grading scale.

Overall, GradeBook Portal is a simple system that covers all of the basics that a teacher needs. GradeBook Portal provides some how-to videos to help get teachers started.

Applications for Education
GradeBook Portal could be a good option for anyone that teaches in a school where an online gradebook system is not provided. That said, if you choose to use GradeBook Portal, be sure to back-up all of your data locally so that you don’t run into a bad situation like some teachers did with another system last fall.


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