Audio Pal – Audio Announcements On Your Blog

Audio Pal is a free service that allows you to quickly and easily record audio messages to post your blog or website. You can record your Audio Pal message by phone, through your computer’s microphone, or by uploading a recording. Messages are limited to sixty seconds so you must be succinct. After you’ve recorded your message, Audio Pal will play it back to you. If you like the recording, keep it. If you don’t like your recording, click re-record. When you have a recording with which you’re happy, enter your email address and an embed code will be sent to you almost immediately. Hear my recording in the widget below.

Applications for Education
Audio Pal could be a great way to post quick audio messages for students and parents visiting your course’s blog or website. You can enable Audio Pal to play automatically so that everyone visiting your blog hears the message (provided they have sound turned on).


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