SignApp Now – Quickly Create Sign-up Forms

SignApp Now is a very simple tool for creating online sign-up forms. To use it all you need to do is enter a title and description of your event, set a sign-up deadline, enter a contact email address, and press “create.” SignApp Now creates a unique url that you can then share with others that may be interested in signing-up for your event. Creating a sign-up form with SignApp Now is much faster and easier than trying to create a spreadsheet or other sign-up form.

To see just how easy it is to use SignApp Now, watch the video embedded below.
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Applications for Education
If you’re hosting an open-house for your classroom, creating a SignApp Now sheet could be a great way to get a preliminary idea of how many parents to expect. You could also use SignApp Now if you’re running an extracurricular club and want to get an idea of how many students you should expect on any given day.

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