School Math Prep – Free from Sylvan

I received an email today from a representative of Sylvan Learning Centers. The email was promoting Sylvan’s new, free web product, School Math Prep. Despite the fact that this is clearly a move on Slyvan’s part to recruit more customers, I think that the service they’re providing for free in the form of School Math Prep is worth sharing on Free Technology for Teachers.

The School Math Prep website doesn’t tell you much about the service other than providing you with a link to contact a Sylvan representative to access the service. The press release about School Math Prep indicates that the service will offer free video tutorials demonstrating problem-solving strategies. The videos can be located by searching for keyword, concept, or textbook. Depending upon how many titles are supported, the textbook search option could be useful for students who cannot articulate the term or concept with which they are struggling.

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