Posterous – A Simple Way for Students to Blog

When Posterous launched I didn’t give it much attention. I just took another look at it and think that it could be a good, easy way for students to blog. To get started using Posterous all you have to do is send an email to and your Posterous blog is started. After you send your first email, Posterous will email you back with the url for your new Posterous blog. If you don’t like the url you’re given, you can change it by creating a Posterous account. For example the url I was initially assigned was richard?, I changed it to

Posting to your Posterous blog can be done through email by email, through the Posterous bookmarklet, or through a direct post using your Posterous account.

Applications for Education
Posterous locks you into one template and one format, but the simplicity and ease of posting makes it an interesting option for student blogging. The Posterous bookmarklet tool could be handy for having students blog about current events stories. To do this have students find and read an article online, click the Posterous bookmarklet, when the dialogue box opens they can then write a response to the article and post it directly to their Posterous blogs.

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