Slate Box – Collaborative Mind Mapping

Slatebox is a slick, new tool for collaboratively creating mind maps and organizational charts. Slatebox offers a variety of good-looking templates and intuitive tools for designing and editing mind maps and charts. Creating a mind map is a simple matter of selecting a template and using the visual editor to place text and images in boxes. Those boxes can be resized and rearranged using the drag and drop editor. If you need more text boxes, simply add more.

Inviting people to join you on Slatebox is easy to do in part because of the variety of sign-in options. It is possible to use Slatebox without having to create a new username or password. To use Slatebox you can sign in with your Google, Open ID, Facebook, AOL, or Windows Live account. If you don’t have one of those accounts you can create a unique Slatebox username and password, but you will have to wait for an account verification email.

Applications for Education
Slatebox could be a great way for students to brainstorm with each other over the Internet. Slatebox could also be used on an interactive whiteboard. On a whiteboard you could have students take turns editing elements and moving elements around the mind map.


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