iGive – Fundraising Through Shopping

Fundraising activities for PTAs, sports teams, and extracurricular clubs come in many forms. One of the most common fundraising activities in my area is selling things like gift wrap, snacks, and various trinketts. Unfortunately, if your school has a lot of clubs trying to raise money, the market for gift wrap gets saturated quickly. Fundraising through iGive is different, you’re not required to sell anything that your local community wouldn’t normally purchase.

To raise money through iGive register your non-profit group. Then tell people to do their online shopping through iGive. A percentage of everything your referrals purchase through iGive is given to your organization. There are more than 700 online merchants in the iGive network. The list of merchants includes well-known retailers like Cabela’s, Gap, and Barnes & Noble.

Applications for Education
iGive could be a good fundraising source for your PTA or extracurricular club. Fundraising through iGive explands your market because you can reach friends and relatives around the world without having to sell or ship products yourself.


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