Yazzem – Message Boards Meet Twitter

Yazzem doesn’t knock your socks off at first glance, but when you find out that it was developed by two 14 year olds in Michigan, you have to try it. Read the story of Yazzem’s developers here.

Yazzem takes the concepts of message boards and blends it with the concepts of Twitter. On Twitter you essentially see a constant stream of messages from all of your network about any possible topic. On Yazzem conversations are held under topic headings. For example, if you want to share a thought about baseball, click the baseball topic and enter your thoughts there. You can start your own topics or join into the conversation on any existing topic.

Applications for Education
Yazzem could be used by a class to provide instant feedback to a teacher. Set up a topic like “ask Mr. Byrne” and students could submit their questions while a conversation is going on in the room. The same idea could be used by students to ask questions from home or anywhere outside of the classroom.


Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!