Sugar on a Stick – Run Linux from USB

I resisted the temptation to title this post “Sugar on a Stick is Sweet” because that title might not have been descriptive enough. Sugar on Stick is a new release from Sugar Labs that will allow you to download to a USB drive and run from it the Sugar Linux environment. The Sugar Linux environment is best known for its use on the OLPC XO laptop. Although I haven’t tried Linux on a Stick yet, (Iplan to as soon as I get another USB drive), but I have used and have had students use an OLPC XO with the Sugar Linux environment. My students who tried it found it easy to use and particuraly liked the user interface. To see screenshots and read more about Sugar on a Stick, check out the Ars Technica review.

Applications for Education
Sugar on a Stick could be a good, fairly easy way to bring the Linux environment to your school’s computers. If you’re in a school that is not ready to take the full plunge into Linux, you could use Sugar on a Stick to have students and faculty try it out.


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