Save Paper and Save Ink, Use PrintFriendly

If you have ever wanted to print an article from a blog or a website, but wish you could do it without printing all of the ads and widgets in the side columns, you should take a look at PrintFriendly. PrintFriendly strips away all of the ads and side bar content allowing you to print only the article on the page. There are two ways to use PrintFriendly. You can copy and paste an article’s url into the PrintFriendly homepage or use the PrintFriendly bookmarklet. I tried it both ways and much prefer using the bookmarklet as it doesn’t require any toggling between browser tabs or windows. Below you will see two screen shots of an article from my blog.

Without using PrintFriendly.

With using PrintFriendly.

Here is a short video introduction to PrintFriendly.

Thanks to Mashable for the information about PrintFriendly

Applications for Education
PrintFriendly is a good little tool that could save school districts thousands of sheets of paper and gallons of ink over the course of a year.

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