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It was an exciting week for me here in Maine, USA. This week Beth Still launched a fund-raising campaign to send me the the NECC conference. I have been totally blown away by the response. Thank you to everyone that has made a contribution, especially Beth who organized the whole thing and made the first contribution. Please read Beth’s blog to learn more about how she came up with the idea for this fund-raising campaign.

This week I did an interview with a writer from Digital Directions, a publication of Education Week. That article should be appearing in late June or early July.

FeedBurner experienced some trouble delivering feeds on time so I apologize to those of you who may not have received an email one day this week. FeedBurner is also having trouble reporting numbers accurately, but at the last accurate count the subscriber number was approaching 5600. Thank you to everyone that has shared a link or told a colleague about Free Technology for Teachers. Without you, this blog wouldn’t have the reach that it does.

Here are the seven most popular links of the last seven days.
1. College Scholarship Advice
2. I Could Be the NECC Newbie
3. Links You Might Have Missed – College Planning
4. Internet Search Strategies Explained
5. Fun 4 The Brain – Great Educational Games
6. A Great Collection of K-8 Math Resources
7. Tour Mount Redoubt in Google Earth

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