The Library of Congress is Now On YouTube

Through Mashable I have learned that the Library of Congress now has a YouTube channel. The Library of Congress YouTube channel currently contains 77 videos divided into six playlists. Two of the playlists contain clips of very early films from Edison and Westinghouse. Three of the playlists feature book talks and lectures. The Journeys and Crossings playlist contains short documentary style videos. Hopefully, the Library of Congress continues to add quality videos to this channel.

Embedded below is one of the videos from the Westinghouse playlist.

Applications for Education
The videos contained in the new Library of Congress YouTube Channel could be good resources for teachers of film studies as well as teachers of US History.

If you’re not fortunate enough to work in a school that allows the use of YouTube you may want to try one of these workarounds or one of these educational alternatives to YouTube.

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