Five Resources for Teaching About Earthquakes

The earthquake that shook central Italy is the leading segment of today’s CNN Student News. The segment and offers only a brief overview of the earthquake. A better resource for learning about the earthquake is the BBC’s interactive map of the region. On the map you will find videos and images of the damage caused by the earthquake.

For learning about earthquakes in general, the BBC has an animated guide to earthquakes. National Geographic offers an in-depth lesson plan for teaching elementary school students about earthquakes and volcanoes. National Geographic also has some excellent educational films about earthquakes, but if you do not have the budget to purchase them you may want to try Snag Films where you can watch full length documentaries like Violent Earth for free.

A previous resource that I have shared is Viewing Earthquakes in Google Earth. These Google Earth files allow you to see current and historical data about earthquakes. There is also a virtual tour of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake available in Google Earth.

Larry Ferlazzo has assembled a good list of resources for learning about the earthquake in Italy that you should also check out.

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