ARMAP – Arctic Research Mapping Application

ARMAP is a comprehensive resource of interactive, online maps of Arctic research. ARMAP’s resources include files for use in Google Earth as well as ArcGIS explorer. You can also access 2D maps directly on the ARMAP website. ARMAP provides map layers and placemarks about a wide range of topics related to Arctic research.

Before opening the general ARMAP map, visit the map gallery for a primer on the type of resources that can found on ARMAP. You should also check out the links section of ARMAP to visit the sources of much of the ARMAP content.

Applications for Education
I initially thought that ARMAP would just be useful for finding information about climate change and Artic science research, but in my review of the site I found that there are resources related to the social and political aspects of living in the Arctic Circle.

The content on ARMAP is best suited to high school and college students who have experience using Google Earth and or ArcGIS.

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