5 Fun, Interesting, and Educational Things on Twitter

This is now the fifth day of posting my five favorite Twitter finds of the day and I’ve now decided on a format these posts. In each post in the “5 Fun, Interesting, and Educational Things on Twitter” series I will try to share a tip for improving and building your Twitter network.

A simple thing that can help you build your Twitter network is to occasionally retweet something that you find interesting or useful. In your retweet include the original tweeter’s name. The person who’s tweet you retweet will appreciate it, it helps that person get noticed, and in turn that person may reciprocate down the road. Even if the other person doesn’t reciprocate, it’s still a good thing to do as it shows others that you’re willing to contibute to a learning network.

Here are 5 fun, interesting, and educational things I found on Twitter today.
1. Internet Safety Videos for Teens from @nycrican2
2. Find Your Teachmate from @angelamaiers
3. What 4th Graders Know About Money from @HaydenTompkins
4. Global Best Practices in Financial Education from @chollingsworth
5. Connectivism Education Ning from @Darcy1968


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