Tatango – Free Group Text and Voice Messaging

Tatango is a free group text and voice messaging system. To use Tatango you have to set up and account using your telephone number (currently it only accepts US numbers). Once you have established your free account you can create a group to receive text messages and voicemail messages from you. Text messages can be sent from your computer or from your phone to everyone in your group at once. There is no need to enter multiple numbers, simply text through your Tatango account and everyone in the group gets your message. The same idea applies to voicemail, record one message through your Tatango account everyone in the group can hear it. Your group can have at least 25 members. The test group I created had 25, but it is quite possible that you can have more I just didn’t test that capacity.

Applications for Education
The first use I thought of for Tatango was for field trips and sports trips that extend beyond the school day. When I coached basketball it was always difficult to predict when we would return from an away game. When we returned to school we’d always have parents that had been waiting for twenty minutes and parents that would arrive until thirty minutes after we arrived. A service like Tatango would make it easy for the coach or field trip teacher to send a text or voicemail message to all of the parents at once.

Update: Since the original posting of this information, as was pointed out in the comments, Tatango has moved to a fee-based system.


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