Resources for Women’s History Month

This morning’s edition of CNN Student News features a segment about the notable “firsts” of women in the 1980’s. To complement the video I compiled a short list of other teaching resources related to Women’s History Month. The list appears below the video.

Scholastic has a good compilation of teaching resources for Women’s History Month. Scholastic features profiles of famous women and some not-so-famous, but equally notable female scientists and the work they do. The student reporter page of Scholastic currently features an interview of Nancy Pelosi written by Chelsea Lollar.

FREE (Free Resources for Educational Excellence) has links to three categories of resources for Women’s History Month. FREE links to the National Park Service’s website about women’s contributions to the park service. FREE also links to NASA’s website, Female Frontiers, about women in the space program. Finally, FREE links to the website about women’s history built by the Library of Congress. On the LOC’s website you can find audio, video, and text resources as well as lesson plans based on documents and art work. (If you visit the FREE website you’ll notice that there are four links, but one of them seems to have expired).

The History Channel has a site dedicated to Women’s History Month where you can find videos and timelines related to women’s history.

Finally, I have to give a plug to my undergraduate advisor, Dr. Allison Hepler, who authored Women in Labor: Mothers, Medicine, and Occupational Health in the United States 1890-1980.


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