Quietube – No Nonsense YouTube Viewing

Quietube is a handy little browser extension that removes all the clutter from YouTube allowing you to view only your selected video. Quietube removes all advertising, sidebar content, comments, and ratings. Installing Quietube requires nothing more than dragging the Quietube button to your toolbard. Then anytime that you’re on YouTube click the Quietube button to remove all of the clutter and just watch your selected video. The images below show the difference between YouTube and Quiettube.

Without Quietube.

With Quietube.

Applications for Education
If you’re fortunate enough to work in a school that allows you to use YouTube in the classroom, Quietube is a handy little tool to have. On occasion I’ve wanted to show a YouTube video but I had to find an alternative because something in the sidebar or comments wasn’t appropriate to display in the classroom.

If YouTube is blocked at your school, you may want to try one of these alternatives.

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