Photovisi – Simple, Quick Collage Builder

Photovisi makes creating collages of digital photos quick and easy. Simply select a collage template, upload images from your computer or Flickr account, sequence the images, and the collage is created. No registration is required to use the service, but you also cannot save the collages on Photovisi, you have to download your completed collage. You can see the collage I made in less than a minute in the image below.

Applications for Education
While there are certainly more advanced collage building tools that have more editing features, very few are as easy to use as Photovisi. Photovisi could be a good tool for students that are just beginning to learn to create content online. Registration is not required to use the service and there is not a public gallery of collages, therefore Photovisi could be used in elementary school classrooms without worries about strangers viewing students’ work.


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