Part-Time Work For Students?

Yesterday, Mashable posted one of their great web resource lists. Yesterday’s list was 40+ Places to Sell Your Designs Online. Lately, I’ve been talking with some of my high school students about part-time work and how hard it is for them to find part-time jobs right now. In some cases much of their concern stems from a desire to save money for college expenses. Mashable’s list presents a list of potential money making opportunities for artistically inclined students and or students that possess html and css skills. This aren’t “get rich” opportunities, but they certainly could be a “make money” opportunity for some high school students and college students. One word of caution before sharing the list with high school students; the terms or service for most of these services require the contributor to be at least 18. High school students and their parents do need to read the fine print carefully before using one of the services.


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