New Updates Coming Soon from Pixton

Through Allen Stern’s coverage of the SXSW conference I’ve learned about an upcoming improvement to the comic creation tool Pixton. Some readers may recognize Pixton from my list of comic creation tools. Pixton is an intuitive drag and drop comic creation tool. Pixton not only allows users to choose the characters for their comic, they can also create positions and poses for the characters.

In the next 1-2 months Pixton will be making a new editing tool available to users. Users will be able to take their comics and put them into motion with the Pixton Remixable Cartoon Animator. You can see a preview of the tool here or watch the video embedded below (I apologize for the pre-roll commercial, I have no control over that).

Applications for Education
Pixton offers a version of their service specifically designed for classroom use. Pixton for Schools allows teachers to create private rooms that only their students can access. This allows students to share work with each other, but no one else.


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