MeeHive – Your Custom News Homepage

MeeHive is a customizable homepage for viewing the news that interests you most. What sets MeeHive apart from similar customizable homepage services is that you can connect to other users and share stories. You can also share your favorite MeeHive stories on Twitter from your MeeHive homepage. MeeHive pulls stories not only from the big and popular media outlets but also from places like Twitter and YouTube.

Here’s how MeeHive works. After creating your account select news from a wide range of categories and subcategories. You may select as many categories and subcategories as you like. For instance, I selected sports news, business news, and US News. After selecting sports news I selected the subcategories of NBA basketball and MLB baseball and I finally entered the names of my favorite teams (Celtics and Red Sox in case anyone has tickets to give away). MeeHive will then search the web to find all of the most recent stories for each of your selected topics. You can also add RSS feeds from your favorite blogs and websites to be displayed on your MeeHive page.

Embedded below is a video introduction to MeeHive.

Meehive Intro from Meehive on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
MeeHive could be a good homepage for students in current events courses to keep up with the latest news. If your course requires students to maintain a blog,
MeeHive could be used to view and grade all of your students’ work in one place. MeeHive does allow you to keep your page private or share it with the world.


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