5 Fun, Interesting, and Educational Things on Twitter

The feedback on my idea for sharing my five favorite Twitter finds of the day received very positive feedback so I will continue posting my favorite links. If you have a great find that you’d like me to post, please DM me on Twitter.

Before I list my favorite five, just a quick note about building a Twitter network. If you’re new to Twitter, please fill out your profile. Many people won’t follow you back if they see that your profile is blank. People like to know a little about the people they follow.

1. SMART Board Wiki from @icpjones

2. Microsoft to Give Free Software to HS Students from @ptraylor

3. Cartoon – Twitter in the Classroom from @centernetworks

4. Dear AIG, I Quit from @mikefj40

5. PowerPoint Hell: Don’t Let This Happen to You from @slidemagnet

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