5 Fun, Interesting, and Educational Things on Twitter

I’ve written a lot about Twitter as a tool for personal and professional learning. The blog post Seven Ways to Find Teachers on Twitter is one of the most read posts ever on this blog. I read hundreds of tweets a day, many of those tweets share links that are interesting and educational, but don’t quite fit with the intent of Free Technology for Teachers and therefore I don’t blog about them.

This morning I had the idea to start saving some of those aforementioned links along with the name of the Twitter user who shared the link and post my favorite five tweets of the day. I’ll post the link along with the name of the Twitter user. My intent is two fold, first to share interesting links and second to help people build their Twitter networks. (Out of respect for privacy, I will not share Twitter users who have protected their updates. Likewise, if your updates aren’t protected but you still don’t want me to link to your Twitter id, please contact me at richardbyrne at freetech4teachers.com).

I welcome feedback on this idea. If you think it’s a good idea or if you think it’s a rotten, terrible idea please let me know.

1. Nine Great Reasons Why Teachers Should Use Twitter from @mrslwalker

2. 360 Degree Views from the Peak of Mt. Everest from @misterlamb

3. Transforming Teaching In Plain English from @angelastockman

4. Smart Board Revolution Ning from @paulawhite

5. Thoreau Page

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