Tour 3D Ship Models in Google Earth Ocean Layer

The new Google Earth 5.0 has so many great features that I read about new uses every day. Today, through the Google LatLong blog, I learned about a 3D tour of ships and other underwater structures. The tour includes models of the Titanic and the Bismark. To view the tour open Google Earth 5.0 and have the 3D buildings layer turned on. You can get the tour file here. If you don’t have Google Earth 5.0 you can download it here.

Applications for Education
The Google Earth 3D ocean models tour is a good companion to the rest of the new Google Earth 5.0 ocean layers. The ocean layers are useful for oceanography and geography courses.

If your course includes a study of the Titanic the 3D tour is a good tool for providing students with some geographic context of the story.


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