Lovely Charts – Create High Quality Charts

Lovely Charts is a powerful tool for creating and editing all kinds of flowcharts and diagrams. Lovely Charts offers a large selection of pre-made figures and shapes that users can drag and drop, arrange, and re-size as needed. In many ways, Lovely Charts is a combination of flowchart and mind mapping tools.

One of the options for using Lovely Charts includes making personnel chart with Lovely Charts’ pre-drawn characters. When I was trying Lovely Charts I used the personnel option to make a simple family tree.

Applications for Education
Lovely Charts could be a good tool for students to use to create flowcharts, mind maps, or family trees. The user interface is fairly easy to use although it might be a bit too complex for elementary school students.

The free Lovely Charts account only allows users to store one chart so you will have to export your chart and save it if you want to create multiple charts using the free account.


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