I Won’t Cheat Sports Essay Contest

I Won’t Cheat is a foundation started by former Major League Baseball MVP Dale Murphy. The mission of I Won’t Cheat is to educate students about the dangers of steroid use as well as promote fair play in student athletics.

I Won’t Cheat is currently running an essay contest for students. The contest awards a $3000 scholarship to the winner as well as prizes to 19 second place winners. To enter the contest students need to write a one page essay in response to this prompt: “Which is worse, cheating and getting caught or cheating and not getting caught?” Entries are due by March 31 and the winners will be announced on April 17. For more information about the contest visit the I Won’t Cheat contest page.

Applications for Education
Earlier this week Alex Rodriguez, one of baseball’s biggest stars, was caught and admitted to using steroids. The story of steroids in sports is sure to remain in the news for weeks. The I Won’t Cheat essay contest provides a timely opportunity for students to reflect on cheating and drug use in sports. Students could write the essay as an assignment for a health class, writing course, or current events course.


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