Guest Blogger-Technology and Future Teachers

Hello, my name is Cyndi Danner-Kuhn and I teach technology to pre-service teachers at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS. I am so honored that Richard has asked me to submit to his absolutely amazing blog while he is ice fishing. Wow ice fishing, I grew up in Florida, so I totally don’t get ice fishing. Anyway, first of all, he requested we provide a link to our own website It is a work in progress.

Everyone always thinks that the students in college are super tech savvy. Well, I hate to burst the bubble, but it just isn’t true yet. They are experts with word processing and PowerPoint, playing on the internet and of course Facebook. But beyond that the vast majority are newbies. Every semester I am amazed that 98% of what I show them is completely new. I keep asking myself, how can that be!!

The first thing I do is have my students create a delicious account and then begin tagging everything we do. It is a good place to start because they can at least keep track to the resources. So, my first recommendation is start using delicious. Link to my delicious

The next thing I do weekly all semester is have them listen and reflect/blog about an educational Podcast. If you haven’t gotten hooked on using and learning from eductional podcasts yet, a few of my favorites are below. All can be found on iTunes as well as their websites:

If you would like to see what I do in my class with these pre-service teachers, just click on the DED318 link off my website and you can see what we do each week. It is fast and furious to say the least. Another crazy thing is that most university folks think I am nuts for just putting my entire class on the web. Somebody might use it. My answer to is is GOOD, I hope so!! I would absolutely love to hear your suggestions about what you think pre-service teachers should be learning with regards to technology. Feel free to email me at

I’d like to thank Richard for the eNewsletter he sends each day with resources. I do a weekly newsletter for the College of Ed. Without Richard, it would be a much more time consuming task. I just do what Harry Wong says “steal, steal, steal.” He just makes my life so much easier. I hope the school district Richard works for realizes what a million dollar man they have.

Ok in his tradition, one new resource.

ShareTabs – The easy way to share your links as tabs. Add a list of links to the form and submit it to get a single link to them all, conveniently displayed in tabs and images. Great for sharing in Email, IM, Twitter, or SMS. Of course it is FREE!!

Application for Education

Great wayto visually share a variety of links with your students. Here is an eample of one I did for my students.


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