A Look at Edublogs From Outside the Echo Chamber

Today, I came across the Social Media Explorer blog through my Google Alerts (more about Google Alerts in the next blog post). Social Media Explorer is written by Jason Falls. SME appeared in my Google Alerts because Free Technology for Teachers appears in Jason’s list of the top 50 education blogs according to reader engagement as measured by Post Rank. (Incidentally, the Post Rank widget on the right side of this blog ranks the five most popular blog entries at any given time).

Usually, when I see a blog post with list like this one I scan the list and don’t think twice about it. This blog post was interesting because the list was generated by someone that is outside of the edublog-o-sphere or “echo chamber.” In the blog post Mr. Falls explains the process he used to find 150 education blogs. The final top 50 list includes some blogs that I had not heard of prior to today. That said, the list is by no means inclusive and clearly misses some bloggers that are well known in the edublogging world . Overall, the article and list is worth taking the time to read because it provide us with an outsider’s look at the edublogging echo chamber.

Edit: I initially wrote that Larry Ferlazzo was not on the list. As Larry points out in the comments, he is on the list, in fact he’s number 9. My apologies to Larry.


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