Edmodo – Microblogging for Students

Typically when people hear the term microblogging, they think of Twitter, Tumblr, or the now defunct Pownce. Edmodo has elements of all of those services along with some extra features designed with students and teachers in mind.

Edmodo is a microblogging system designed specifically for teachers and students. Using Edmodo teachers can create a microblogging network for their classes. Edmodo allows teachers to create a group specifically for their students and exclude those not invited to the group. Edmodo provides teachers with a place to post assignment reminders, build an event calendar, and post messages to the group. Just as with any good microblogging service users can share links, videos, and images.

Watch the video overview of Edmodo below.

Applications for Education
Edmodo could be used for a wide variety of tasks and lessons. Creating an Edmodo group could be a handy way to remind students of assignments and tasks they need to complete. It could also be a forum for open discussion in an online course setting. In a one-to-one computing environment you could post a story starter and have each student add a sentence or paragraph to create a collaboratively written story.


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