OpenZine – Collaborative Magazine Creation

OpenZine takes the idea of group blogging and applies to an online magazine format. Just as with group blogging, someone starts the project then invites others to participate. OpenZine offers a wide variety of layout options some all of which include articles and pictures, and some templates include video options.

Applications for Education
One of the more appealing features of OpenZine’s templates is the ability to put multiple articles above the “fold” of the browser window. This gives more students the chance to have their work noticed by their peers and other visitors than in a typical vertical organization of entries. OpenZine would be a great tool for students to use to create a group magazine about a particular research topic. You could also use OpenZine to have students create a literary journal.

OpenZine’s user interface takes a little time to understand. If your students have never created content online, I wouldn’t recommend starting with OpenZine. However, if you have middle school or high school students that are comfortable using blogging platforms, they shouldn’t have any trouble learning to use OpenZine.


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