Nibipedia Update – More References, More Classroom Uses

I wrote a long blog post about Nibipedia eleven days ago. In a nutshell, Nibipedia is a website that matches videos to Wikipedia entries. Since I wrote my first blog post about the service, Nibipedia has gotten a pretty sizable following among educators on Twitter. I’ve posted some educator comments about Nibipedia a little lower in this post.

Over the weekend Nibipedia had a “nibifest” in which some invited users nibbed videos on the site. Nibbing means to connect videos to Wikipedia entries. This evening I spoke with one of Nibipedia’s founders, Troy Peterson about the weekend’s activity. Troy said that Nibipedia now has over 4,000 nibs that match Wikipedia entries to videos. If you would like to try nibbing some videos please send me an email at richardbyrne at and I can give you access to start nibbing videos.

More Applications for Education
I previously wrote about how my students used Nibipedia in my class a few weeks ago. You can read the full post here. A highlight of that
experience was that one of my students thought Nibipedia was a good way for him to remember what he read and where he read it because he can remember videos easier than he can remember a search term.

These are some ideas about using Nibipedia in the classroom that Troy Peterson sent to me to share with you.
1. Independent learning: Have a student nib an “empty” video as a presentation. X points per nib.
2. Shared learning: Multiple students watch and nib the same videos. Discussion afterward. What did you learn that you didn’t expect to learn?
3. Teams: While one student adds nibs, other students suggest nibs to be added. Explore how multiple people can watch the same video and all find a different Wikipedia reference of relevance. 4. Nib swapping: Two students nib related vids and watch each other’s videos.
5. Troy’s favorite: Get lost in the nibisphere. Roam around and let the content where it does.

Some comments about Nibipedia seen on Twitter this weekend.


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