Four “Year-In-Review” Quizzes

It’s the time of the year when major news outlets create year-in-year slide shows, videos, and quizzes. I shared some year-in-review slide shows last week. Larry Ferlazzo and Jeffrey Hill have assembled some good lists of year-in-review slide shows that you should check out. Today, I found some year-in-review quizzes worth checking out and sharing with your students.

MSNBC has put together a twenty-five question year-in-review quiz that they call the Super Tough 2008 News Quiz. The quiz has a good mix of US news stories and international news stories.

News Day’s 2008 Trivia Quiz is a twenty question quiz about US news with a sprinkle of entertainment/ pop-culture questions thrown in.

The BBC offers a short, ten questions, quiz about international news stories. The BBC’s In Pictures section is also a good place to find week-in-review and year-in-review image collections.

Info World has put together a twenty-five question quiz centered around technology news stories. This quiz might be a good resource for people that teach computer courses.


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