Five Snow Related Lesson Resources

The first real snow and ice storm of the season has hit us here in Maine. The storm prompted me to take a look around the Internet for snow related lesson resources. Here are a handful that I found interesting.

1. Let It Snow is a lesson plan designed for use in ESL/ EFL classrooms. The activities center around snow. This lesson plan was of particular interest to me because I have a foreign exchange student from Thailand in one of my classes. A couple of weeks ago was the first time he saw or touched snow. The experience was great for him, his classmates, and me.

2. Weather Wiz Kids offers multiple lesson plans, activities, and reference materials for teaching lessons about the formation of snow and weather patterns. The lesson plans are designed with K-8 students in mind.

3. Earth Sky has a long list of weather related lesson plans suitable for all grade levels. Earth Sky also has a page for kids through which they can submit questions to scientists.

4. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration offers a game that teachers can use to help students learn about the water cycle. NOAA has outreach offices around the United States that are willing to work with your students on a field trip or in your classroom. Check the NOAA website to find the outreach office nearest to you. I went on a field trip to a NOAA office when I was in high school and briefly thought that I would be become a meteorologist.

5. National Geographic Kids has an article about avalanches, how avalanches form, and a video of an avalanche in action. You can also watch the National Geographic video embedded below which shows an avalanche started by three skiers.


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