Deadline Helps You Meet Deadlines

Deadline is a very simple, yet potentially powerful personal organizer. One feature that really stands out about Deadline is its very user friendly interface. To use Deadline simply sign up with an email account and start using it. When entering task reminders you can time in a day of the week or date in just about any format and Deadline will recognize what you mean. For example, when I entered a reminder for myself to post grades on December 7, Deadline recognized that as this Sunday. When I entered a reminder for myself to return essays on Friday, Deadline recognized that as December 5. Just like any good online personal planner, you can receive email and or mobile reminders of your Deadlines.

Applications for Education
Deadline could be a good personal planner for students as it offers just what students need, reminders, and nothing more. The recognition of multiple date input format is convenient for student as it eliminates the possible frustration with other services that may arise from formatting requirements.


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