Wipee List – A Simple To Do List Manager

Wipee List is a simple list making and to-do list management tool. I took Wipee List for a test drive this evening and found it to be one of the easiest to use websites of its kind. Here’s how Wipee List functions: sign in, click add an item, then type your “to do” item. If an item has immediate priority you can drag it to a “quick reminders” sticky note. When you complete an item drag it to the trash bin. If you’re working on a project with someone you can share your list with a specific url assigned to your list. (See my sample list here).

Applications for Education
Wipee List is a simple tool that could help students keep track of the assignments they need to complete. Wipee List doesn’t have all of the “bell and whistles” of some other organization tools, but that might be a benefit in some situations. For a student that is easily distracted by too many options on website, Wipee List could be the organization tool he or she needs.

If Wipee List is too basic for you or your students, give Soshiku a look.


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