Truevert – The Green Search Engine

Truevert is a new search that was featured on TechCrunch’s Elevator Pitch Friday. Truevert is a search engine that prioritizes search results by their greenness. For example, as the Truevert founder explains in the video below, if you search for CFL on Truevert the first results are about compact fluorescent light bulbs rather than Canadian Football League.

Applications for Education
I’ve recently become more interested in alternatives to the mainstream search engines like Google and Yahoo because I think it is important for students to be aware of alternative references. Using the mainstream search engines students tend to get results that are popular although not always the most relevant. Using an alternative search engine that either ranks results differently or displays results differently increases the likelihood that students will find something they wouldn’t have necessarily explored on Google or Yahoo.

In addition to Truevert, here are some of the other search engines that I have reviewed.
Search Cube
Middle Spot


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