Tagedu – Human Edited Search Engine for Lesson Plans

Tagedu is a new search engine dedicated to helping teachers find resources to use in the classroom. Tagedu searches tags associated with websites rather than the text of a website. The idea is the tags assigned by people to websites are more indicative of a website’s content than basic text search.

I gave Tagedu a try this evening and found that the results pages are little lean right now. When I searched for the tag “US History” I didn’t get any results although when I searched just “history” I did get some decent results. I didn’t count all the resources available, but it seems that between Larry Ferlazzo’s blog and this blog you could find just as many resources.

What I like about Tagedu is the human edited aspect of the service. Compared to doing a generic Google search for lesson plans, Tagedu is a great service.

Applications for Education
For teachers new to the profession that need help developing lesson plans, Tagedu could be a good asset. Tagedu seems to eliminate most of the websites selling lesson plans which makes it appealing to me because I could never understand why anyone would buy a lesson plan.


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