Six More Educational Alternatives to YouTube

Last Thursday, I posted a list of 20+ Educational Alternatives to YouTube. In just seven days that post became the most linked-to post I’ve ever written for Free Technology for Teachers. In the last seven days some of you have suggested some other educational video websites and I have found a couple of sites that should also be added to the list. Here are the additions in no particular order.

1. NibipediaNibipedia takes the concepts of Wikipedia and YouTube and combines them. In other words if every Wikipedia entry had a YouTube or a Ted Talk video attached to it, you would have Nibipedia.

2. Untamed Science is a collection of videos and podcasts about biology and Earth science topics.

3. is similar to Big Think in that it presents videos relevant to topics in the news and in the public conscious today. The videos feature well known personalities and experts talking about the important issues of the day. You will also videos of debates, press conferences, and public meetings.

4. iCue, presented by NBC News, features videos about history and current events. There is a capability to connect with other students to discuss topics and learn together. There are also quizzes and learning activities associated with many of the videos.

5. School Tube is a website that is similar to Teacher Tube. School Tube’s content is generated by teachers and students contributing videos about a wide variety of topics.

6. is a website that I inadvertently left off the original list. features user generated content about current news topics.

Now the list is up to 28 educational alternatives to YouTube. What is still missing from the list? Please leave a suggestion in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.

Thanks to Jim Burke for reminding us of

Update #2
Here are a couple of newer additions to the lists.
Next Vista (blog review) (direct link)
Academic Earth (blog review) (direct link)


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