An Oral History Project for Veterans Day

Yesterday, I Tweeted that my students were using and to locate primary source documents and images for a project that they’re working on. While I was helping one of my students we came across the Veterans History Project. The Veterans History Project is an effort by the American Folklife Center at the US Library of Congress to record the stories of veterans who served in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf War, and the current Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts. The Library of Congress is asking for volunteers who are willing to conduct and share recorded interviews with Veterans. The project accepts video, audio, images, and transcripts. Please check the Library of Congress website for submission guidelines.

Applications for Education
The Veterans History Project is a project that high school students (grades 10+) can get involved in. The Veterans History Project has high standards for submissions from high school students so be sure to check the guideline page for students and teachers. Getting your students involved in the Veterans History Project could be a great way to have them learn about the people in their community that have served in the military. Having students talk to people that were actually involved in a military conflict can be a very profound experience for high school students, particularly for students that are considering enlisting in a branch of the military.


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