Online Science Fair at Test Toob

Test Toob is a free website where science teachers and science students can share videos of the experiments they conduct. The service is designed for use by middle schools and high schools. The difference between Test Toob and YouTube is that all videos uploaded to the site are reviewed before being posted publicly. In addition to being a video sharing service, Test Toob has suggestions for experiments that students can conduct.

Test Toob is currently running a contest for students. Students have until December 1st to create a video of themselves conducting a science experiment. There are five contest categories. The winners of each category will receive a $150 Visa cash card.

Science Tube, which was a part of my 20+ Educational Alternatives to YouTube list, is another great place to find videos of science experiments in action.

Applications for Education
For science teachers that don’t have the time or the necessary materials to conduct an experiment in the classroom, Test Toob and Science Tube provide a free way to demonstrate a concept.
Test Toob’s online contest could be just the thing that some students need in order to engage in learning science.


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