One Riot – Find What’s Relevant Now

I am frequently asked about how I find so many resources for teachers to use in the classroom. Besides scanning through thousands of RSS feeds each week, one of the things I do is search through social bookmarking services for public bookmarks to see what people are interested in now. One Riot is a new service that I will now be using to find new and exciting content.

One Riot is a search engine that not only indexes websites, it ranks them by their current popularity. What this does is put the websites that currently popular at the top of the search results rather than the websites that are historically the most visited. In some cases the currently popular websites are also the historically visited websites. In other cases there is quite a disparity between what is currently popular and what is historically popular.

Applications for Education
One Riot
could be useful for students and teachers tracking the development of new stories to keep abreast of what people are saying about a topic.
If you have searched for a topic and found that the first links returned contain content that hasn’t been updated in a while, One Riot could be a good alternative place to search. One Riot will put the more current and relevant links at the top of the search results.


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