My Punch Bowl – Free Customizable E-Cards

Last week I wrote a short blog post about Google Docs offering holiday themed templates for creating greeting cards. Today, I was reminded, by Center Networks, of a free, high quality e-card service called My Punch Bowl. I’ve personally used My Punch Bowl in the past year to send cards when I’ve forgotten a birthday. I like My Punch Bowl because you can customize so much more than just the message that accompanies the card you send. You can include your own pictures in the cards you send as well as use your own font style.

Applications for Education
I remember when I was in the fifth grade my teacher, Mrs. Zahowski, made us all write create greeting cards in which we had to include a letter to a family member. At the time I thought it was kind of hokey, but 20+ years later I now realize that she did that as method of teaching us letter writing skills and formatting. Using My Punch Bowl is a 21st Century method of using the same lesson that Mrs. Zahowski taught me, but without the scissors and glue sticks.


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