Simply Box Helps You Organize Web Research

Simply Box is a browser extension that helps you organize and share things that you find on the web. Simply Box is a little different than your typical social bookmarking service because instead of saving and sharing links you can save and share screen captures. The Simply Box browser extension allows you to take a screen capture of a webpage or part of a page, save it, share it, or file it in a “box.” The boxes of Simply Box appear at the bottom of your browser. Users can drag their findings into a box. I encourage you to watch the demonstration video to see the service in action.

Applications for Education
Simply Box does essentially the same things as most social bookmarking services and web research organizer. For students that process information better when it is visualized or put in graphic organizers the box concept may help them more than a bookmarking service.

Two other browser extensions that may help students organize web research are Chunk It and Reframe It. Two other web services that can help students organize web research are Iterasi and Wet Mount.


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