Halloween Safety Sites and a History Game

The highlight of the fall for many young students, Halloween, is quickly approaching. Anne Marie at Talking SMART Boards has shared a couple of good sites for teaching students about Halloween safety. Halloween Magazine has a safety game for students as well as a list of safety tips for students and parents. The Hershey’s candy company has also produced a fun quiz about Halloween safety. If you’re looking for some websites about the history of Halloween, Larry Ferlazzo has assembled a nice list of resources that you may want to check out.

On a related note, once again I’ll be dressing as Martin Luther (the German monk) on October 31st and once again only a handful of history geeks will get the joke. Send me a Twitter or leave a comment if you get the joke. Here’s a hint, the date October 31 is significant for more than just Halloween. The first person to figure it out wins… bragging rights and a link to their blog. (Actually, I’ll link to anyone that gets the joke).

Update: Mrs. Emma Haygood, who authors The Scientific Shamrock, is the first person to respond correctly. See the comments for the answer.


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