Free Website Translation – Useful for ESL Teachers

Convey This is a free service that can be added to any website or blog to translate text content. Convey This is a button similar in style to the “bookmark” button that you see at the end of every post on Free Technology for Teachers. Visitors simply hit the “translate” button and the content is made available in their choice of language. To see Convey This in action visit the Center Networks post about Convey This.

Applications for Education
Convey This could be a good addition to the blog or wiki of an ESL teacher. If you’re an ESL teacher maintaining a blog for your students and parents adding a Convey This button might make your updates more accessible to parents. Convey This might also be of use to school districts serving a population in which may parents may not speak English as their first language. Adding the Convey This widget to your district’s website could help increase the engagement of those parents.


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