Free Music and Pictures for Schools

Angela Maiers shares a lot of good Internet resources with her followers on Twitter. A few days ago she shared a link to Soundzabound. Soundzabound is a source for royalty-free music that students can use in presentations, websites, and elsewhere. Most of the music requires the purchase of a licensing agreement from Soundzabound although there are some free 30 second loops that you can download. In addition to Soundzabound, you may want to try the Free Sound Project or Sound Snap (where I have gotten short loops for students to use).

Last week the Blog Herald published a list of five good places to find free and legal images. The list included Photo Dropper, Zemanta, Gum Gum, Pic App, and Voxant Newsroom. Of the five sources I’ve only used Pic App and Voxant Newsroom with students. Both are good places to find images related to stories in the news. If you or your students are looking for more images related to broad topics you may want to try Wikimedia Commons.

Applications for Education
As more and more students produce content that appears on the web the need for students to be aware of places to find legal sounds and images will increase. The image sources listed by the Blog Herald and the sound sources shared above are good places for students to find the media they need.


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