Exploring Math from A to Z

Math was always the most difficult subject for me in middle school and high school so I have a special empathy for students who struggle with math. Recently, I went searching for some math dictionaries that middle school and high school students can benefit from using. What follows are six math dictionaries appropriate for a variety of ages and learning styles.

Back in May I came across a great math resource called A Maths Dictionary for Kids. As I’ve been revisiting and cataloging resources I revisited A Maths Dictionary for Kids and found that there have been some updates since I last visited it. A Maths Dictionary for Kids provides illustrated and animated definitions. The site requires Flash Player 6 or later.

Math is Fun has a math terms dictionary appropriate for elementary and middle school students. The dictionary is not animated or illustrated, but the practice exercises and demonstrations are illustrated. The games and puzzles are worthwhile math practice activities.

Math Words
, InterMath, Cool Math, and Math Pro Press, all offer a math dictionary with some illustrated examples. Although Cool Math does have some material appropriate for elementary and middle school, the bulk of these dictionaries are most appropriate for high school students.

Applications for Education
Math dictionaries are valuable resources for students who struggle with the meaning of math terms. I don’t teach math, but I’ve found through observing and listening to students who struggle with math that sometimes the biggest obstacle to problem solving is remembering the definition of math terms. If I was a math teacher I would definitely add, to my class blog, a link or two to a math dictionary.


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