Branching Out – Part II

Last week I released a podcast about expanding your professional learning network through social networking websites. In that podcast I mentioned why I follow and read content from people and websites outside of the educational blog-o-sphere. Reading and following stories in the fields of technology and business give me some ideas for blog stories, but more importantly it gives me a sense of the long term viability of web start-ups. Having a sense of the long term of new web 2.0 companies is important to me because there is nothing more frustrating than planning a lesson or adopting a new resource only to have it go out of business in a year or switch to a fee based model. Read the numerous stories about Jott for a good example of the backlash when teachers adopt a resource only to have it switch to a fee based service months later.

Here are a handful of the resources outside of the education blog-o-sphere that I follow. I check each one of these blogs multiple times each day.
Center Networks
Ars Technica
Tech Crunch
Seth Godin’s Blog
Open Culture


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