Podcasts; Twitter, Screencasts, Games and Will Smith(?)

There are four educational/ technology podcasts that I’ve listened to or plan to listen to this week. You’ll notice that two of the podcasts Tech Talk 4 Teachers and Tech Teacher Live both discuss the use of Twitter as a professional development tool. If you don’t know what Twitter is or you’re wondering how you can use it for professional development check out the podcasts or read my previous posts on the topic here, here, here, or here.

Wesley Fryer has released a new podcast episode. This current episode, podcast 261, features student perspectives on the use of technology in education. The students also discuss the use of computers for strategic gaming. It’s always refreshing to hear students’ perspectives on the topics teachers spend so much time discussing.

So what does Will Smith have to do with education/ tech podcasts? Well the title of this week’s episode of Wicked Decent Learning is A Will Smith- Free Independence Day. In this week’s episode Jeff and Dan talk about fostering independent thinking in students and teachers.

As always, simply click the links to visit the podcasts mentioned above. Alternatively, for the Tech Teacher Live podcast, you can listen here via the widget embedded in the right hand column.


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